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Keeping Control

Keeping Control An entire Native American family heard the gospel today as a student in their family was baptized. Brothers, parents, aunts, and friends. But it wouldn’t have happened if I’d had my way with things. Let me explain. One of the most difficult things about moving from an organizational mindset (focused on how to […]

Campus Church Call – a call for student churches on every campus in America

(From Campus Church Networks and Student Church Movements) Campus Church Call A Call to Every Campus in America A new student movement is being birthed on college campuses of America that could bless every nation on earth. There is more prayer for spiritual awakening, revival, and reformation than anytime in America’s history. In response to […]


I’m sure I’ll get some flack for being cheesy here, but I am changing the name “inductive Bible study” to “funductive Bible studies” in my own personal verbage. I didn’t know that interacting with the Bible could be so easy and fun! I was inspired by Caleb Lin’s (from UCLA) stories of starting simple churches […]

Throwing Rocks at Giants

Some of us want to throw rocks. Some have thrown them at the wrong targets. God’s not calling us to throw rocks at glass houses; He’s calling us to throw rocks at giants. Each generation, a call is given to the young to rise up and be giant slayers. It might start in obscurity out […]