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20 Second Teachings of Jesus (II)

Nick, 20 Second Teachings of Jesus

85% of people I encounter (even strangers) are willing to listen to a short teaching about Jesus. Most people are spiritually hungry — even if they’re averse to religion. Jesus came to show us an entirely new way of doing life – for our days on earth and for eternity. His way is good news for everybody! This week, I […]

Jesus is such a great conversation starter

Authentic conversation

Years ago, I learned a phrase that helped me become more effective at introducing others to Jesus: “Measure conversations, not conversions.” I soon realized that conversations lead to conversions (other people beginning to follow Jesus). Have you ever noticed how many times God asks questions of people in the scriptures? Jesus is such a great conversation starter. Conversations were […]

20 Second Teachings of Jesus

20 Second Teachings of Jesus

Throughout my travels, I encounter thousands of people who want to share Jesus with their friends, but simply don’t know a way to start. We love Jesus, but let’s face it. A lot of us have forgotten how to simply share about Jesus while being relatable to people. A lot of our “evangelistic” methods are […]

Jesus in the Wrong Places

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Injuries and broken hearts healed. Relationships with God restored. Churches starting in hookah bars…. Jesus loves to go with us to bring his love in odd places. The gospel spreads most powerfully through uneloquent speech and authentic, ordinary people bringing the gospel to the places people do life – the marketplace, the classroom, homes, and […]