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Homes of Hope

Everyone has an important job to do. Several neighborhood kids joined in the work. Here Graham "double fists" his painting responsibilities with his new friend, Luis.

Have you ever thought, “I’ve always wanted to take a mission trip with my family, but don’t know where to start?” Over the Christmas holidays, our family took a life changing trip to build a home for a family. The Homes of Hope program, partnered with Companies With a Mission (CWAM) has mobilized business leaders, […]

Traveling with Kids


Four years ago, our family set out on a journey to several college campuses across the country. Graham was just six months old.Money was tight.Sometimes, we didn’t know where we were going to stay before we got there. God was starting a new movement on campuses. We felt we needed to grow it as a […]

Old People


Do you know the greatest legacy you leave may be in your later years? Don’t sit on the sidelines and believe the enemy’s lies that diminish your importance and value. Your greatest impact may be yet to come.