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Disciple is not a book to passively read – it’s an experiential power tool to facilitate real-life discipling relationships with intentionality. If you want to deepen your own walk with Jesus or simply need a tool for making disciples within your church or ministry, Disciple will help you make maximum impact for the kingdom of God.

Sold in sets of two. One for you, one for a friend!

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Disciple will help you lay a solid foundation for a life-long walk with God. From Genesis to Revelation, you will experience the power of God’s word as you journey through twelve interactive chapters.

What People Are Saying About Disciple
“This book is changing my life.” – Michael, college student

Disciple is the most practical tool for raising up Christ-centered followers of Jesus I have ever seen. This user-friendly guide facilitates the growth of real discipling relationships that make it natural for people to grow as disciples and become disciple makers. I personally use this resource, have given it to those closest to me, and am honored to recommend it to you now.”
— Brad McKoy, SCPx National Elder and Team Leader, Antioch Overflow Experiment


  1. In the Beginning
  2. New Beginnings
  3. Baptism in Water and Holy Spirit
  4. God the Good Dad
  5. Being a Disciple
  6. Spending Time with God
  7. Love and Forgiveness
  8. Sexual Revolution
  9. Gathering with Other Disciples
  10. Make New Disciples
  11. Healing, Signs, and Wonders
  12. God’s Global Plan

How to Use the Disciple book:

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  1. GC Alum 08

    Over the last four years I’ve worked extensively in discipling college students, but have never found such a comprehensive, straight -forward tool to teach people what it means to follow Jesus. “Disciple,” by Erik Fish has been a such a blessing to my life and the lives of those I am currently discipling/overseeing! Within the last 3 months I’ve used the “Disciple” book as a personal devotional, a tool for one-on-one discipleship, and within a house-church setting to train other believers in discipling the lost. Within each setting, it’s been amazing to see how versatile and effective “Disciple” has been.

    Erik Fish did an excellent job at providing a thorough yet approachable resource that can be used by a wide audience. Each of the 12 sections in “Disciple” is formatted in a way that encourages discussion and deep reflection while at the same time intoducing the reader to key Scriptural passages in a very accessible way. I would recommend “Disciple” to anyone who wants to grow in an understanding of what it means to follow Jesus, as well as those who desire to lead others into this same understanding. “Disciple” is a must-have for any campus ministry office and/or church that desires to equip young believers in the core Biblical truths of following Jesus. (Amazon verified review)

  2. Mark D Ayala

    This is a great book to use as a guide for studying the bible and learning more about your faith. The author teaches you by giving you verses to look up in the Bible and helping you understand the meaning of those verses. This book helped me grow spiritually and it taught me new things about my relationship with God. This is a great book and I would definitely recommend it to a friend. (Amazon verified review)

  3. DTM

    This is an AWESOME workbook. Every christian, whether new or a seasoned saint should do this workbook. It is like Christianity 101 and gives you all of the scripture references to help you understand what you believe. (Amazon verified review)

  4. Dr. Leo Lawson

    Erik has scored a home run for this coming generation of leaders! Erik’s cross-cultural expertise is on display in the language used to appeal to the postmodern generation. His practical and simple approach appeals to high school/college students as well as work place ministers bringing the kingdom to their context. His commitment to Biblical and orthodox truth bleeds through into his dynamic-equivalent interpretation of the Scriptures. New believers will connect easily to the journey through the basics of obedience to our Lord Jesus. This resource will inflame your passion for loving and obeying Jesus in ever deepening intimacy! (Amazon verified review)

  5. Tim McClellan

    This may be the most understandable guide to Christianity, ever! Erik does an amazing job of helping readers to understand God, the Christ Jesus and what the Holy Scriptures mean. Erik does an exceptional job of making it all simple. This book will change lives, both on earth and afterwards. I recommend it HIGHLY. (Amazon verified review)

  6. meghanstrick

    (Amazon verified review) I just finished going through Erik Fish’s “Disciple” with a new believer. I have always desired to have a simple yet inclusive and comprehensive tool to use in discipleship relationships. The content covers what seems to me to be the core values and the basics of walking with Jesus… with everything from the basics of the Gospel, the Father heart of God, living sexually pure, living supernaturally, to making disciples of all nations. The book led my friend and I into beautiful conversations and encounters with God together. My friend, a new believer, finished the book feeling equipped to make her own disciples and take a friend of hers through the book. Now, she is starting her own house church with her friends. I highly recommend purchasing 2 copies of “Disciple” and going through the book with a friend or a person you are discipling. I plan to use “Disciple” in the future as I disciple others.

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