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Disciple in Chinese is a simple way to teach new and existing believers how to grow a strong relationship with God. The easy-to-use format helps Christians become leaders who can influence the world around them for Christ.

If you want to deepen your walk with Jesus, make other disciples, or simply need a tool for making disciples within your church or ministry, Disciple will help you make maximum impact for the kingdom of God.

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“Disciple” in simplified Chinese is an excellent tool for starting and leading a Chinese Bible study.

The layout and page numbers correspond identically with English version. Disciple is an excellent guide for exploring the Bible together in cross-cultural relationships.


  1. In the Beginning
  2. New Beginnings
  3. Baptism in Water and Holy Spirit
  4. God the Good Dad
  5. Being a Disciple
  6. Spending Time with God
  7. Love and Forgiveness
  8. Sexual Revolution
  9. Gathering with Other Disciples
  10. Make New Disciples
  11. Healing, Signs, and Wonders
  12. God’s Global Plan

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