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Why 9 in 10 who meet Jesus fall away…and how we can change that. The Story of Wesley and the Circuit Riders

Circuit Rider

   Fall 2000 I sat in the small living room of the student residence hall. It was dark and dingy, smelling slightly like a paradoxical mix of locker rooms and A and F Cologne. I’d met a student athlete in the parking lot and we were now here in his room. I’d had the chance […]



I sent this message out to the Student Church community at StudentChurch.org today. Are you trusting God for student-led movements for the gospel on your campus? Join the global online community for student churches and mobilizers! Bear was a freshman at Haskell University. He didn’t know what he was getting into when Priscilla, Lauren, and Kelly […]

Traveling Teams

“GO” are the first two letters of God’s name! Since the beginning of history, God’s purposes for the earth have been spread through traveling teams. Abraham, Jonah, Isaiah, the apostles, the 72 others, Paul and Barnabus… oh yeah, and Jesus. They all traveled on God’s mission and saw God’s power and providence show up in […]