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Less lecture, more modeling please!

Erik DiscipleX Colorado Springs

We all need inspiring messages sometimes. But when it comes to reproducing leaders, “lectures” are the absolute least effective way of helping people transform and remember a set of skills or information. Check out this learning pyramid: Jesus was brilliant. He modeled and interacted with those he trained for leadership.  And he sent them out to immediately teach what they […]

20 Second Teachings of Jesus

20 Second Teachings of Jesus

Throughout my travels, I encounter thousands of people who want to share Jesus with their friends, but simply don’t know a way to start. We love Jesus, but let’s face it. A lot of us have forgotten how to simply share about Jesus while being relatable to people. A lot of our “evangelistic” methods are […]

Family fun

Hudson and Graham

This week, I wanted to share a few family highlights from our travels. After 18 months on the road with our four kids (and our dog), our family recreation times have become MEGA important! We went skiing in Lake Tahoe over Christmas. It was wonderful! Even Graham (6 yrs) was able to get the hang of skiing and take on […]