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20 Second Teachings of Jesus

20 Second Teachings of Jesus

Throughout my travels, I encounter thousands of people who want to share Jesus with their friends, but simply don’t know a way to start. We love Jesus, but let’s face it. A lot of us have forgotten how to simply share about Jesus while being relatable to people. A lot of our “evangelistic” methods are […]

Announcing DiscipleX


I’m pleased to announce the launch of: DiscipleX is a national initiative to create disciple making movements across the U.S.   Jesus followers know they’re called to make disciples. But many of us get hung up without some simple ways to do so.    Making disciples is complex. Simple tools help.  DiscipleX is not a […]

Your story matters [Tell it]

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It’s the greatest story ever told. Written by a master Story Teller. From the explosive opening chapters of creation, to the rise of an accusing antagonist who tries to seize the story, to resolution in spectacular, jaw-dropping, joyous triumph… The Story Teller writes … It’s a supernatural saga of good and evil. Heroes and villains. […]