Throwing Rocks at Giants
September 25, 2008

Some of us want to throw rocks. Some have thrown them at the wrong targets. God’s not calling us to throw rocks at glass houses; He’s calling us to throw rocks at giants.

Each generation, a call is given to the young to rise up and be giant slayers. It might start in obscurity out in a field as a 12-year-old shepherd boy watches sheep and contemplates the purpose of his life. It might start in a hidden moment in a prayer room in the middle of the night on a university campus. It may be heard in the back row of a church building as a young girl ponders, “God, can you use my life?”

Don’t be surprised if your brothers don’t understand your inspiration.
Don’t be surprised if the well meaning try to tell you how you should fight. Respect them and honor them – but don’t take their armor. God’s called you to slay giants using only rocks.

Absurd! Risky! Dangerous!
Yes, all of these things.

Rebellious! Defiant! Independent!
God save us from such things.

We have heard something from the heart of God, inspiring us to throw rocks at giants.

Humanism. Lust. Pride. Child-sex trafficking. AIDS. Fake Religion. Materialism. Greed. Ridiculous poverty.
We hear God calling us to throw rocks at Giants.

God is calling forth generations to follow you.
You’re destined to be king. But it starts with throwing rocks at giants.
Are you willing to throw rocks at giants?
Are you willing to go fight when others are content to gather and yell at the giants?

God is calling forth a generation of young people to be the church and to slay giants.
Will we support them?
Will we try to stuff them into our armor and take credit for their feats?
Or will we stand with them like fathers and say, “Go, throw rocks at the giants! Go, for God is with you!”

Are you called to throw rocks?
Are you called to be a giant slayer?
Will you help raise up the giant slayers?


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