Student Churches Loving Muslims
October 12, 2009

Native Americans reaching out to Muslim students in their city?

These are the kinds of stories I imagine Jesus smiles about.

Below is a story from three student church planters (two of them are Native American) who were trained at one of our summer Student CPx training experiences:

Over the summer the team I was with and I met [name omitted], a Muslim student at KU who lived next to us in our apartments.  Everywhere we went he was there.  Through him we met his friend [name omitted], another Muslim at KU.  Neither of them have many international friends, which means all their friends are Muslims from Saudi Arabia, the wealthiest of the families who send their kids to school for petroleum engineering ect to become the future leaders of the country!  After two months of ending the summer and not seeing these friends of ours, I ran into one of them at a coffee shop who then proceeded to invite us to his new apartment to visit!

So my friends Robert, Tyler, and I had this amazing opportunity to pass the evening with an incredible group of people in their own home!  They were the most incredible hosts, catering to us like kings!  They prepared a Saudi Arabian meal of chicken and rice, plus banana juices and cheese cakes until I feel like I won’t be able to eat for days again.  Simple dinner, conversation, movie, and then hours of conversation sharing pictures of Medina and Mecca and what we like to do in our free time.  

[Name], who has seen me more than once on the curb or outside reading my Bible on nice summer days replies, “She likes to read her Bible in her spare time.”  A roommate then replies, “I’ve read the first couple pages before.”  And then a discussion embarks on the difference between Islam and Christianity.  


Did Jesus really die or was there a substitute person?  


I got to share of evidence of the crucifixion, soldiers’ testimonies when the earth shook and the sky grew dark at the hour of his death, and the factuality of it even in history books.  They asked questions about Isaac and Ishmael wondering if they were the same stories.  They say, “Tell us your story of it, we haven’t heard your side.  We want to see if they are the same.”  And so I get to tell them of Abraham’s faith and willingness to give “His one and only son whom he loves” and how it points to Jesus.  It’s where God gets his name Jehova Jireh, “The Lord Himself Will Provide”.  He has provided a sacrifice apart from our own efforts.  And this amazing new group of friends sat intently like kids at story time, not to amuse us or give us a turn to talk, but intently listening to stories they have never heard.  Not just the one friend we met , but now one friend bringing us like the Samaritan woman to her family and friends in her community. 


It still baffles me.  How I got into such an incredible position to bring the presence of God into their own home, a whole community, sitting in a circle with the eyes of 5 Muslims locked on mine listening to words of life that will linger in the atmosphere long after I go home and go to sleep.  I have had opportunity before to share with Muslims and there were many Muslims in Malawi as well that I had a chance to share with.  But I have never been as passionate for them as I am with this group, friends, whom I have grown to love, that I would rather die for then see them perish.   

Pray for life. — Jessie

Imagine thousands of students like Jessie, Robert, and Tyler on universities around North America starting simple church communities in apartments, residence halls, and every place students do life together. They eat meals with students who would probably never walk into a church, make friendships, share stories of Jesus, pray for the sick, follow up with those who are open to the greatest news ever heard on earth.

God is sending student church planters to reach the lost and reach the nations for Jesus.

Pray for Muslim students all over America to discover who Jesus is and how much He loves them!

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  1. megan

    how interesting it is to hear how the holy spirit steals his way into seemingly closed doors. can not wait to hear the further adventures of evangelism to this tribe of people whom God loves. every nation and every tribe will hear of his great love! we give thanks for those who speak His words to those who do not know.


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