“GO” are the first two letters of God’s name!

Since the beginning of history, God’s purposes for the earth have been spread through traveling teams.

Abraham, Jonah, Isaiah, the apostles, the 72 others, Paul and Barnabus… oh yeah, and Jesus. They all traveled on God’s mission and saw God’s power and providence show up in their travels.

This last year, my wife and I sensed this call to travel. People thought we were nuts. We thought, “Hey, let’s give it a shot!” We can always go back home if we need to!” We logged tens of thousands of miles together with our four children (all under 8 years old). We preached the gospel. We prayed for the sick. We encouraged churches. We tried to start a few new ones along the way. We slept in hotels, dormitories, floors of apartments – wherever people provided a place to stay. Sometimes it was luxurious, sometimes it was six of us crammed into three single beds, shining flashlights under the bed, looking for scorpions.

Through it all, we sensed God’s power in new ways as we responded to his prompting to travel. And we grew closer together as a family.

Now numerous young people are picking up this baton and beginning to travel the campuses of this nation and to the ends of the earth, proclaiming and demonstrating God’s kingdom …


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