Horses and Riders
March 3, 2010

This morning in prayer, I saw a vision of a horse and a rider. Then, the vision became multiple horses and riders. I looked, and in one hand they held a sword. I had this sense of royal respect for them, like they were riding in great authority and the terror of the Lord would go before them as they held up their swords to drive away evil and spiritual enemies (I am talking about spiritual enemies, not physical enemies). In the other hand they held oil, which was to be for the healing, blessing, and prosperity of the nations. I see them riding out swiftly.

At first, I wondered if this vision was related to the horses in Revelation 6. As I read the chapter, I don’t think it directly is related to that. I think I am just getting a prophetic glimpse of one thing God is doing right now.

I believe this vision represents what God is about to do on campuses and in the nations. Jesus is sending out horses and riders. The traveling teams that are coming forth will ride with one hand carrying a sword and the other hand carrying healing oil.

I believe part of this vision has to do with the “riders” preparing to travel campuses. There is a unique sync between campuses and the nations. Three years ago when the Lord called us to serve a student church planting movement that was beginning, He told me, “Erik, remember, it’s not about campuses, it’s about nations.”

To the traveling teams that are rising around the United States, we must remember God is sending us forth, to not only reach campuses, but to send forth the message and power of God’s kingdom to the dark corners of the earth; to the smallest of ethnic groups; to the peoples of the earth that have yet to join in the heavenly, eternal praise songs being sung to the Lamb of God in heaven. I see teams traveling to the First Nations tribes of North America. I see teams traveling to the Middle East. I see teams traveling to Europe. I see teams traveling to the mountains of the Himalayas. I see teams traveling through South East Asia and the Silk Road. I see Latin American movements beginning. No corner of the earth will be untouched as we respond to the leading of God’s spirit. God is doing something extraordinary in our day. As you answer this call, you will discover God unfolding the fulfillment of the deepest longings and dreams of your heart. Your call to travel will not feel like a sacrifice; it will feel more like you are fulfilling what you were created for.

As you step out to travel, there will be multiple riders following you to answer the call to travel from campuses to the nations. I believe many of us will find ourselves in some unbelievably foreign places in the next few years, leading teams of students, friends, and others you are yet to meet. They will travel from the campuses to the nations with you. I believe also that God is even now building “safe places” in the U.S. for you to travel in and out of, to return to get refreshed, to be loved, to pray, to relax, and to get new marching orders from the Lord.

Be courageous – you are not alone. Heaven is with you and so are we! Jesus, our Great Rider, is leading the way and has gone before us!

Amen, Jesus, send forth Your riders to the ends of the earth!



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  1. thomas day

    Thank you Jesus for revealing your Word to Erik. Keep writing bro!


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