Jesus Sends Teams to Travel the Campuses of America
August 6, 2010

When young people pick up the baton to passionately follow Jesus the world is changed!

This weekend, our Student Church national elder team sent out a new team of 7 strong young leaders. They will spend the next year traveling  the campuses of America to call students to wholeheartedly follow Jesus.

They’ll make new friends. They’ll tell people about Jesus. They’ll pray for the sick. They’ll model what it means to be a community that follows Jesus together. They’ll make disciples on new campuses. They’ll encourage existing believers. They’ll start new student churches with new disciples.

“The Lord then chose 72 others and sent them ahead to all the towns and villages He would visit…” (Luke 10)

Meet the Team:

Lauren just graduated from UT-Austin. She was a pioneering leader in the simple church movement on campus. She has been a faithful disciple-maker and has a great ability to connect with people from New Age backgrounds and also international students. You can view a cool video of Lauren baptizing a new disciple and starting a Latino house church recently by clicking here.

Myles began following Jesus when he was 17. He was a strong evangelistic leader as part of the Passion Church community at UCLA, a network of student-led house churches on campus. He graduated last month. He has a passion for the nations, for seeing microenterprise and missions work together, and for seeing the lost begin following Jesus and reach their friends. He is a passionate, motivated, and pioneering leader!

Courtney is taking a year off from school at UT to spend a year traveling the campuses of America. She has a passion to call students into intimacy with Jesus as the foundation for a life spent pursuing His mission. She loves the nations and has been a faithful leader in the simple church movement at UT. When you get around Courtney, you can’t help falling more in love with Jesus!

Carl is a powerful Phillipino! He just graduated from Arizona State University. He has a passion to call the different ethnicities of America to discover their God-given identity in His kingdom. He has been planting simple churches at ASU and has been involved in overseas missions trips throughout his college years.  He also has a passion to bridge gospel movements on campus into the surrounding urban areas. He is a mighty young spiritual warrior!

Derek is from Florida. I met Derek at the first Student CPx in 2008. He is a gifted worship leader and has a strong passion for discipleship. Derek is the latest to join the traveling team. He read an account from another traveler and was so stirred, he drove from Florida with two weeks notice to join the team! Derek drove up with his puppy dog, Melody, who we adopted. Our kids are very excited!

Yao is from Taiwan and just graduated from UCLA. She has a passion for prayer and has a gentle, but powerful demeanor. She has been involved in student-led simple churches the last four years. She is also a gifted artist.

Jessie is from Pittsburgh, PA. She graduated from college three years ago and has since spent time in Mozambique and on several university campuses, calling students to follow Jesus and go to the nations. Jessie lived with us for six months last year, making disciples and bringing the love of Jesus to students at Haskell University.

Each of these young leaders is changing a generation through their love, faith, and courage to call students across America to follow Jesus. Much of their support is coming directly from other students who are sacrificing to send out their friends.

Would you like to help them financially in their historic journey across the United States? Send a gift to “Student Church” with “Traveling Teams” in the memo. Send to PO Box 4068 Overland Park, KS 66204.

We have great reason to be encouraged by how God is raising up a movement for the gospel to reach campuses and the nations!

Much love,

Erik and Jen

P.S. You can follow stories from the Traveling Teams at!


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