Student Churches and Spiritual Family in Austin
October 18, 2010

This weekend, I traveled to Austin, TX for a” family reunion” of student churches from UT and a few reps from other Texas campuses. We stayed at a cabin on a beautiful ranch in the hills outside Austin. I took my four year old, Hudson. We had good father-son time and even got to fish a little, too!

Hudson Fishing in Austin, TX

I was so blessed!

The entire weekend, I felt like a dad feels watching his kids growing their own families. It was incredible! What I saw among the students in Austin:
  • They are “healthy, growing, and full of love.” (Ephesians 4:16).
  • I met new disciples who had just started following Jesus this year.
  • Students are preaching the gospel and are devoted to God’s word.
  • Local elders like Lauren, Meghan, Courtney, and Caryn are maturing who are equipping and nurturing the student churches.
  • Other Elders, like Aaron and Morgan Snow and other local leaders are serving these student churches – loving them and encouraging them to run with the gospel on their campus – and to grow in the city and to the nations.
  • They regularly gather together to seek God, pray, grow with Jesus together, and encourage each other.
  • Students are prayerfully considering their post-college careers and how they can impact the world.
  • Students are praying for the nations and planning mission trips to unreached people groups together.
  • Testimonies of miracles and Holy Spirit activity were joyously celebrated.
The whole weekend, I kept thinking, “They’re doing it!” These Texas students are setting an example for the nation and are starting to send out teams to encourage other young student churches and to start new communities on new campuses.

I heard how students like Michael met Jesus and are now reaching their friends and going to the nations with the gospel. Watch a great video testimony from Michael and his sister Meghan below.


I listened to a student named Martin tell how he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. While praying, he saw a vision of the city of Detroit and felt God calling him to move there after college to start businesses, nurture the creative arts, and make disciples in this city that has been setback so harshly by unemployment and corruption the last several decades.  He is continuing to dream with God for how to impact the world with his life and pursue this vision for Detroit.

I listened to students share their vision for seeing movements for the gospel spread throughout the fraternity system at UT. These students truly love Jesus, love each other, and are loving their campus for Jesus. It feels more and more like a true student movement for Jesus is growing out of the student churches. These students in Texas are setting an example for all of us! Pray for these students to continue to grow together to reach UT, Austin and from there to the nations!



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