Jesus in the Wrong Places
August 29, 2011

Injuries and broken hearts healed. Relationships with God restored. Churches starting in hookah bars…. Jesus loves to go with us to bring his love in odd places.

The gospel spreads most powerfully through uneloquent speech and authentic, ordinary people bringing the gospel to the places people do life – the marketplace, the classroom, homes, and the places where people socialize.

“Erik Fish brings us a horde of stories and simple lessons about how we can minister to people just by being ourselves. Erik teaches us that putting on a huge facade of how a Christian should minister to people is not the way – just be open to God and be yourself. Erik challenges us to live our lives after God and be fishers of men in our everyday life so we can fulfill God’s plans for the earth.” (message from Church of the Harvest, Olathe, KS)

Watch my message below.


For the podcast, click on the itunes link below and go to “Fishers of Men.”

Church of the Harvest - Sunday Podcast


  1. susan geib

    Hi Erik,
    You recently spoke at Church of the Harvest. My husband and I couldn’t be there. We were at another church that morning speaking. He’s a Gideon. God drew me to listen to last Sunday’s message. I know that it was God. What you spoke on was Godly (Great)! It was righteous! I totally got it! Thank you. I’ve worked at three universities. My sweet Jesus, placed me with the International Students. He took me on a trip of the world opening my eyes. He showed me who was on the campuses. I saw it as a ministry, but it is a HARD one. Now, I’m home with my children. My husband hands out Bibles on campuses. We are still involved. ANYWAY, the real purpose of my email is a thought for you. I’ve had a strong since that our retires should be in our colleges. Most colleges offer free classes to senior citizens. They would add so much needed diversity of opinion to the classes. Senior’s trained BY YOU to be in the classrooms at colleges can enter into discussion on another level. I as well as many others have been lied to and pressured by professors. They are intimidating. The rest of the kids just follow. These same people at the unions would be fabulous too. I’m just saying, if you haven’t already, you may want to consider opening up your training to a whole new demographic.

    Thank you for all that you’re doing. I love it! You are inspiring.

    • Erik Fish

      Excellent thoughts, Susan. Maybe you would be interested in bringing some Seniors together who would be interested in taking classes at university? I’d be happy to train them. This could be the beginning of a very fruitful ministry! Let me know!


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