Knowing God is a Father who loves us and is proud of us as His children is a core value that has transformed my life. Our future “performance” can never add to or take away the Father’s deeply passionate love for each one of us who have been adopted into His family through Christ. Next to my own times with God, some of my favorite moments in life are watching others encounter Father’s love personally.

This happened for Sarah this week at Student CPx at Oregon State University.

Sarah gave her life to Jesus this summer. She came to SCPX to learn how to plant a simple church for her non-Christian friends in her residence hall. Sarah was baptized a few days ago by another student in a fountain on the Oregon State campus during SCPX. (I took Hudson with me – he’s pictured below sitting on the shoulders of Isaiah, a good friend and leader in Corvallis, OR.)












Hudson watches Sarah getting baptized at Oregon State University

Later that night, we spent time worshiping and meditating on the message of God the Father’s love for us. That night, Sarah went off by herself and felt God wrap her in his arms. Though she didn’t have a strong relationship with her earthly father, her new Father in heaven was wrapping her in His arms and affirming her with His love. The next morning, she shared a song she wrote out of this encounter with God:

Close your eyes, My child

You can rest now, My child

You can be weak now, My sweet child

You can just be. Just be, My sweet child

I know what happened way back when

You don’t have to defend

I made you a fighter; a survivor warrior

Nothing is coincidence, My sweet child

How I love you

How I love you

How I love you

My sweet child

People began to weep as the Father’s love seemed to fall like a warm blanket around the room.

I have great hope in my spirit when I think that a new generation of young people is awakening to the love of the Father – and they are going forth to their campuses to bring others into a relationship with Him.

“The Holy Spirit speaks to us deep in our hearts and tells us we are God’s children.”

(Romans 8:16)

You were created to walk in a deeply personal, tangible relationship with your Father in heaven because of Jesus. Nothing fulfills like His love for us!

May you encounter God the Father’s love for you this week!


P.S. SCPX at Oregon State was an astounding time flowing from the Father’s love into demonstrating that love on the campus: RT @cullylarson: “Gluten and dairy allergies, asthma, broken shin, hurt back, and upset stomach, all healed this week at@oregonstateuniv!”

Thanks to Myles Hamby, Lindsay Ellyson, and Lauren Nanson for leading this incredible SCPX in Oregon!


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