Last week, we stood at the edge of the North Sea in Southern Norway, watching the fog roll in over the rocky islands. It was an erie feeling, a combination of things both old and new. Good and evil. It is hard for me to describe the paradoxical atmosphere — it felt both thick and thin at the same time. Thick with fog and heaviness, yet thin with a sense that the veil between the natural and spiritual world was very small. What was God up to in this place?

We met a brother from the churches who told us about his sister’s family who lived on this land. We were invited to visit them.  Next to their home was an ancient burial mound. The meaning of the mound had been lost in time, but  local lore reported the site to be a place of unholy sacrifices meant to appease dark deities of old.

As we climbed the mound, brief images of ancient peoples, past tragedy, spiritual darkness, and suffering played across my mind. Was I seeing a vision?

We prayed at the mound. We declared the truth that Jesus reigns in this land and ancient gates of darkness were closed. I felt a deep sense of peace as we held hands and worshiped God.

What happens in the spiritual affects the natural. It was time to tell the family who dwelt in these lands the message of Jesus – the reigning King who frees us from fear, superstition, and dark forces. He comes to fill our lives with His love.

“When you enter a home, eat what is set before you…announce the kingdom of God…heal the sick, cast out demons…freely you’ve received; freely give.” -Jesus

We entered this precious family’s home. Their home was known by locals as a place for new age-type healings, but as always is the case with dark forces, there is another side to things. They served us coffee. As we sat together, they told us of the fear they often feel in their home. “We sometimes see evil spirits that come into our home.”

We told them Jesus does not want them to be afraid any longer. We shared God’s words with them. We spoke of Jesus’ power over demonic spirits. We shared that we were Jesus’ messengers and He wanted to bless their home and family and free them from these fears.

We prayed for the family, blessing their home.

No one appeared sick, but Jesus’ words about healing the sick kept coming to my mind as we sat in their living room.

“Is anyone here sick?” I asked.

“Yes! My son has pains and deformities in his legs.”

We knelt to pray for the son. His eyes lit up as he rose to try out his legs.

“I think they are better!” he enthusiastically reported to his family.

We left the family with our blessings. We invited them to follow Jesus further, trusting them to the care and follow up of their brother who had introduced us to them.

Every time Jesus entered a home, He always made things better. We have the power to do the same thing. Jesus came to bless all the families of the earth.

How are you letting Jesus into your family and the families of those you know?



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