27 Houses
April 11, 2013

Oftentimes, a story comes back to me from someone I’ve influenced that warms my heart in a special way. Josiah’s story is one of them.

Josiah grew up on the Quinault Indian Reservation Washington. The Quinault are called “the canoe people”. Read more about the rich history of the Quinault people here.

Josiah lived in 27 houses before 9th grade. He never met his mom until he was older.

Josiah was looking for Love.

He found it when he met Jesus at Haskell Indian Nations University in 2010.

Jesus said the gospel is like a seed we should sow everywhere. When it lands on good soil, it produces a massive, multiplying harvest. Josiah is now a “seed spreader”, sharing the love of Jesus with others.
He recently told me,
“Erik, I’m not very good at evangelism. But I am good at loving people. When I start loving people, I usually get the chance to share Jesus with them, and some of them start following Jesus, too.” 
That’s just about the best “formula” for evangelism I’ve ever heard of!
Josiah baptizes Bryan


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  1. lila m. [bowechop} parton

    Josiah, I attened Haskell in 1983-84, I loved those little places across a street from Haskell, We chose to attend the Baptist, they had a nice recreational area, tv, games, popcorn…and the best of all was taking students to fun places Like World of Fun in Missiouri, etc. It was always a Haven, after a day of stressful studies, though I was a Older student, I surely did love attending Haskell, and visiting the Baptists, I am so impressed with your wonderful accomplishments. I am a member of the Makah Tribe, Neah Bay, a Great Grandmother now, I am also 1/4 Quinault and !/4 Quileute, and half Makah with a dab of Jamestown S’Klallam which is from the House of Seven Brothers. Wishing you well, and as I said, I am so proud of you. Lila M. Parton


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