A Dream Results in Mandarin Translation of Disciple Book
June 10, 2013

Some dreams can be messages from God. Today, as in the Bible, dreams from God can open up new opportunities, even new nations. I experienced the benefit of one of these dreams this week.

Last year, my friend emailed me from China:

“Erik, we need to get your Disciple book released into China. I’ve been using the English version here, and already created one discipling relationship. Imagine what we could do with a Mandarin version.”

My budget was the size of a tic tac. I didn’t know where to start.

I started with one translator who went AWOL after a month. Strange. Almost like there was spiritual resistance to the project or something.

After a few bumbled attempts at getting the translation project complete, I had a dream.

I dreamed about an Asian girl named YiSin. She was translating my book into Mandarin, then she handed me the completed copy. Then I woke up, perplexed at the dream. I knew YiSin from years ago, back in my days at University. I wasn’t close with her, and I hadn’t thought of her in years. I couldn’t even remember if she spoke Chinese or what country she was from.

Was it a dream from God? Was it was just “random” pizza-drunk deviant neurons joyriding around my REM sleep?

I spoke with my wife about it.  Then I did what any Spirit loving, naturally supernatural child of God would do. I looked her up on Facebook.

The next day, YiSin wrote me back.

She does business in East Asia.

She speaks and writes Mandarin.

She is skilled at using the right design software.

Two months later, she delivers these:

Disciple Books in Mandarin and Taiwanese

There may be no greater strategic effort we can make than equipping Asian believers God is raising up to take the gospel West toward Jerusalem. Most of the remaining people groups who have yet to experience the love of Jesus reside in these regions.

I use Disciple. My friends use it. It’s a powerful tool to help you facilitate intentional, reproducing discipleship relationships. Someone can travel the journey with Jesus from pre-believer to disciple maker in three months.

This “Back To Jerusalem” Movement just got two new tools added to its spiritual arsenal.

Get them here on Amazon.com:

Disciple in Traditional Chinese


Disciple in Simplified Chinese

I’m looking to get 100,000 copies into the hands of Asian believers in the next two years.

Message me if you can help me get them distributed in the right places.


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