April 22, 2014

Last week, I shared that I would be telling a few stories from the seven experiences of [pocket] Disciple. The first experience is “Change”.

PD First Experience

The Greek word “metanoia” is most often translated as “repent”. The meaning of “metanoia” is better expressed in several words: “change how you think and let that be the start of transforming everything else.” When we make Jesus the centerpiece for our “metanoia”, our life and the world around us will be affected in innumerable (and glorious) ways.

“Metanoia” inspires Experience #1 of [pocket] Disciple: “Change”:

Metanioia PD

Using [pocket] Disciple is simple: 

      1. Get together over coffee or a meal with at least one other person, preferably a pre-believer or new believer.

      2. Read scriptures about each experience (there are seven of them), discuss together, and give people opportunity to respond. As people go through each of the experiences, they’re equipped to share the same experience with other friends.

Testimonies are starting to come in. People are gathering groups and experiencing Jesus!

My friend, Jim, pastor of Life Together Vineyard, sent me this story yesterday:

School bus

I started a group with employees at Belton ISD Transportation. We’d been getting together to discuss scriptures and other Christian books. Last week, I introduced “Pocket Disciple” to the group and all of them agreed to go through it together!

Last Wednesday, nine of them gathered during their lunch hour to discuss experience #1: Change. We each took a turn reading a section and discussing the questions.  After we read the story – one lady shared that she had never read the Bible.  At one time in the study she said, “I don’t really have a clue what this story is about.”  We discussed what it meant to be ‘born again.’  At this point I asked others what they thought it meant – each person shared. Time flew by quickly.  After the group left the room – I sat down next to my friend.  I asked her just a few questions.  With tears in her eyes she confessed that she had been very angry with God because her mother died when she was very young.  I prayed for my friend at that point and told her that we could talk any time.

My friend did not accept Jesus yet, but the process of discipleship has begun!

Pocket Disciple is a great tool that makes the discipleship process a simple reality.

Here’s one more…

Last Tuesday evening I met a friend for dinner for some wings. Since before Christmas the Holy Spirit had been speaking to me about connecting with this friend. As we met together he poured out his heart to me. I asked my friend if he would like to meet with me and develop a discipleship relationship. With tears running down his face –he said yes! 

I explained to him that he could invite some friends to join us too. He responded by saying he did have another friend he would like to invite. We left our dinner with a short prayer. Tomorrow evening will be our first meeting to start going through Pocket Disciple since that conversation. The discipleship process has begun! 

People experiencing Jesus together … and passing it on to others.

Pretty simple. Very powerful.

It’s called making disciples. It’s what Jesus told us to do. And it’s the kind of stuff that changes the world.

No matter how long you’ve been walking with Jesus, take a moment to remember the life-changing truth that Jesus brings “Change” – change now; change for eternity.

How might Jesus be inviting you to experience “metanoia”?


p.s. Take a peek if you haven’t already…


“LOOK inside” [pocket] Disciple 


Next time: Experience #2: “Water”


  1. David

    Awesome! And great stories. I agree with your take on metanoia. Don’t want to be nitpicking here, but metanoia is the Greek noun, so it would be the english repentance (usually with a misguided connotation in our thinking). Well, here I am, a German theologian again. LOL. They were messing up “the stuff” a long time ago. Blessings from Hamburg, Germany!

    • Erik Fish

      sehr schlau! German theologians are the best!


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