Your story matters [Tell it]
June 1, 2014

It’s the greatest story ever told.

Written by a master Story Teller.

From the explosive opening chapters of creation, to the rise of an accusing antagonist who tries to seize the story, to resolution in spectacular, jaw-dropping, joyous triumph…

The Story Teller writes …

It’s a supernatural saga of good and evil.
Heroes and villains.
Courage vs. fear.
Greed vs. generosity.
Love vs. hate.
Played out in the context of millennia of human history.

And each character is important.

He masterfully weaves each new player into the narrative. The history, culture, and personality of each one brings a new twist.

Then, in dramatic fashion, the Story Teller himself arrives.

The Story Teller finds a wandering, naked, self-abusing man, deceived by the antagonist. He frees him to become a storyteller.

“Go home to your friends and family. Tell them about the great things God has done for you,” Jesus tells the man.

The Story Teller creates more storytellers.

It’s a story of a billion stories, all woven into one overarching eternal saga.

The greatest story ever told.

Go into all the world and tell the story…

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YOUR story matters.

YOU are part of God’s story.

Some years ago I read a seminal sales book that affected millions. A key principle of the book? Tell people your story.

God is writing a story through your life. It’s unlike any other person’s story.

Your story matters.

Take a moment to reflect,

“What is my story with God?”
“Who might Jesus want me to tell my story to?”

— Erik

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“Tell your story” is Experience #4 of Pocket Disciple.
Pocket Disciple simplifies and accelerates disciple making by leading people through seven experiences with Jesus.



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