Adventuring with Jesus in the Northwest
February 18, 2015

The Pacific Northwest has been epic. The beauty, the people, the experiences…

We spent more time here than we originally planned. But one thing we’ve learned in our travels is sometimes our “missed exits” and “unplanned detours” become the best times with God and each other.

It’s been a fruitful and fun time for our family.

We've enjoyed a beach house while in Oregon  (Thanks  Jay and Jill!)
Enjoying a beach house in Oregon (Thanks Jay and Jill!)
Jen and I enjoying a walk on the beach together
Jen and I take a walk on the beach together
Inside a "tree" at Lava Forest. A volcanic eruption left impressions around the trees. We call what we do with our kids "Road Schooling". Each new region offers rich and unique opportunities for our kids to learn.
Our kids inside a “tree” at Lava Forest. A volcanic eruption left impressions of the trees. We call what we do with our kids “Road Schooling”. Each new region offers rich and unique opportunities for our kids to learn about the world around them. (These experiences are a great supplement to the more standard “book” stuff, they do also.)
Lots of bonding with our kids during our frequent pit stops
Lots of bonding with our kids

We’ve also had many rich experiences with God’s family.

His family is alive and well.

…And it’s growing!

After a DiscipleX in Salem, OR* several people began to form discipling relationships with new people.

People pray for a young girl during one of the training experiences. Experiencing Jesus together in a group – where everyone participates – is one of the key components people learn to reproduce during my trainings.

A Testimony

My new friend Randy grabbed 100 Pocket Disciple books, and traveled to Bakersfield, CA. He trained 21 others to lead people through the 7 Experiences with Jesus.

Randy mentored these leaders as they prayed and engaged specific neighborhoods in their city.

  • They led 76 people to Christ.
  • They baptized many of them.
  • 16 families invited them back to start new groups in their homes!

I always hope for this when I do a training – people duplicate the training experience with others. Reproduction is where multiplication and movements start to take shape.

After Salem, we journeyed through Portland, Seattle, Boise, ID, and Spokane/Eastern Washington.

In Eastern Washington. I recorded a TV show for a local TBN affiliate.

I’ve noticed over the course of my life when you say, “I’ll never …. [fill in the blank]” God often calls you on it.

I always said I’d never record a television show for TBN.

Well, it’s not exactly TBN, but here’s the segment if you want to take a look. It was a little old school, but it was fun!

New Cities


My goal is to equip 1200 disciple makers in 12 cities by Fall 2015.

Over 600 people in 7 cities have already been mobilized to lead others through simple, powerful experiences with Jesus.

DiscipleX is coming to Albany, NY and Los Angeles (for high school workers) during the next few weeks.

I look forward to sharing some great testimonies.

Keep making disciples!

— Erik

*Thank you to Life Church, Salem, OR for sponsoring DiscipleX Salem


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