Jesus is such a great conversation starter
October 5, 2015

Years ago, I learned a phrase that helped me become more effective at introducing others to Jesus:

“Measure conversations, not conversions.”

I soon realized that conversations lead to conversions (other people beginning to follow Jesus).

Have you ever noticed how many times God asks questions of people in the scriptures? Jesus is such a great conversation starter. Conversations were often the starting place for teaching people how to live and relate to the Father.

Last week, I introduced a tool that’s been really helpful for people in starting conversations. It’s called “20 Second Teachings of Jesus.”

Here’s a two-minute video showing how it can work:


You can adapt 20 Second Teachings of Jesus to your personality style or situation – at lunch, over coffee, after a class, or during a break at work.

Remember, measure conversations, not conversions. You just might see more people discovering Jesus with you!

Hope this encourages you!




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