These 4 Rhythms show up in all movements (And you can create them)
February 28, 2016

I believe Jesus created the Church to be a viral movement transforming cities and nations.

Followers of Jesus seek to emulate his example. He is the greatest movement founder in history.

Jesus started a movement with 12 people and a handful of other men and women that 2,000 years later still multiplies. It will one day reach every nation on earth.

When the presence of Jesus lives in you, you have the potential to create movements.

I’ve outlined Four Rhythms that will help you connect with Jesus’ way of growing movements. You can develop these rhythms personally or across an entire organization.

They’re present in every spiritual awakening movement in history.

The Four Rhythms are not a formula as much as canvasses for you to paint upon with the Holy Spirit.

4 Rhythms

I talk a bit about these Four Rhythms in this video. I hope it encourages you!

Go create with God!

4 Rhythms video


p.s. If you haven’t experienced it yet, Pocket Disciple is a GREAT tool to help you develop the GUIDE rhythm.


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