Less lecture, more modeling please!
March 29, 2016

We all need inspiring messages sometimes.

But when it comes to reproducing leaders, “lectures” are the absolute least effective way of helping people transform and remember a set of skills or information.

Check out this learning pyramid:

Learning Pyramid

Jesus was brilliant. He modeled and interacted with those he trained for leadership.  And he sent them out to immediately teach what they had learned.

Great leaders don’t just create followers. They create more leaders!

We can do the same!

I took a group of 20 YWAM students out to a local university (UCCS) this week for a DiscipleX training. I modeled and interacted around Four rhythms of movements – Pray, Go, Gather, and Guide.

4 rhythms of movements

I model the rhythms in real life. Then we interact with one another. Each person has an opportunity to teach the principles they learned to others. This is how I try to flow in all DiscipleX trainings.

More people become disciple makers.

And it’s really fun!

Click below to see us in action.

Erik DiscipleX Colorado Springs

What is a DiscipleX?


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