July 18, 2016

We crossed a personal milestone this week.

Our family entered our 50th US State!

We had a little party together. We wanted to say a quick hello and invite you to join us in the celebration!

After spending the last three years traveling together while my amazing wife ‘road schools’ our 4 children, a few thoughts emerge.

Being with animals is better than animal books. Snorkeling in the ocean is better than watching the Discovery channel. Swimming with Manatees up spring fed rivers flowing into the Gulf of Mexico is better than a field trip to a nature preserve. Learning to sail is better than a PE class. Walking and praying on the battlefields of Gettysburg is better than memorizing and reciting the Emancipation Declaration in a classroom. Late night, heart-to-heart talks with precious friends about life, love, pain and Jesus are more inspiring than the greatest of lectures.

Experiences are how we really learn. Isn’t that really how God himself teaches us as we go through life?

We are blessed. Have overcome many challenges. Lots of learning. Learning about myself. My weaknesses: my strengths. True friendships. The values of our culture and others. Lots of support from friends along the way.  I’ve learned much about the nuances of the church in all it’s varied expressions (or lack of expressions) in various parts of the US. I’ve learned a lot from new friends who want nothing to do with church.

I’m more convinced than ever that Jesus is the deepest longing of every heart.

My dream to see spiritual awakening in America burns brighter…

We’re road schooling our children but I often feel like the student.

Journey onward friends…



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