A Jesus Lifestyle, part Two
September 30, 2019

It’s so much fun to discover how good the “Good News” really is and be involved in the mission of God, no matter who you are; no matter your personality; no matter your spiritual gifting. We can bring Jesus with us anywhere. We all get to play in this great redemptive purpose God has for the planet!

In last week’s podcast, A Jesus Lifestyle, Part One, I spoke with Bob Fraser about the process that led me and my family to leave our official role at a church to adventure into a more relational and widely relatable approach to creating Jesus followers anywhere, anytime.

In this week’s podcast, I explain how we can practically and powerfully share our faith in our day-to-day life, whether in the office or at a bar. By shifting things as basic as using less “Christian” lingo to communicate the love of God with people, we can create more authentic, inclusive, Jesus centered culture wherever we go.

To hear how a simple church group can spring up in a downtown Manhattan bar or right in your office, click below!


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