COVID, Chaos, and the Church.
December 11, 2020

Disruption is a great descriptor for the times in which we live. Times of chaos and disruption — whether it’s social upheaval, business disruption, industry changes, technology changes, or pandemics – bring unprecedented opportunities to learn, to adapt, and to innovate. The state of the gospel in America has never been more ripe for a needed time of disruption where we can ask some fundamental questions about what it means to be the church, the people of God, and engage in his mission for the planet.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours the past nine months dialoguing with church leaders, business owners, missionaries, and campus ministry workers about adapting to our times, living wisely, and capitalizing on the incredible opportunities that this (nonetheless terrible) pandemic has inadvertently provided.

Can we fulfill the mission of God and live in committed, loving relationships with each other, make disciples, and model Kingdom of God lifestyles in our community if we don’t have access to the programs and resources we’ve relied upon in the past? How can we use our resources wisely post-covid? What can we learn in this time of disruption about how we (re)plant the gospel across America (and the world)?

We tackle some of these “disruptor” questions on my latest podcast, “Reopening Christianity” with my friends at LeadTime.

Listen to the Podcast


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