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“Silly Christians” and Seeds for the Gospel

“Silly Christians” and Seeds for the Gospel

“Silly Christians,” Joe says with a smirk…

An hour later, we see Joe again on campus. I’m filled with faith for this guy.

“Hey, man,” I say as I point my finger at him. “God’s got a great destiny for your life if you’ll stop running from him.”

He smirks at me and walks away. Yes, I feel powerful and mighty.

Twenty feet later, he suddenly stops in his tracks.

Jesus. Sends. Apostles. Today.

Jesus. Sends. Apostles. Today.

APOSTLES!!!!! If you want to skip the rest of this article, just read the following three lines: Jesus was an apostle. Jesus sent apostles. We need apostles today. Now, if you want to keep going .... I would love to have you read further... A couple years ago I was...

When Students Travel For Jesus

You and your two friends walk on to a campus. You’re nervous. You’ve never been here before. You just drove overnight to get to a new campus you felt God putting on your heart. You pray for God to lead you, but you don’t sense anything yet. After you pray again, you...

5 Step Strategy for Student Church Planting

After returning last week from a month-long trip in Central America, I noticed the above ad at the top of the mountain of mail awaiting our attention.  It was advertising a "new church" was starting in town. (I covered up the church's name at the top). The...

Complicating Simple Church

Complicating Simple Church There’s an emperor with no clothes on running around the simple church movement! We're making “simple” church complicated. Let’s admit it and talk about it. There are some really, really stellar examples of student churches producing some...