Coaching Opportunities with Erik

Success is not the result of merely downloading information.


It comes from engaging in a relational process where you can learn, grow, heal, adapt, maintain motivation, and become more fruitful. The reality is that the best coaching won’t be a one-way teaching relationship, but more like a journey with a guide: One who travels with you and helps you find your way, explore new trails, and experience the exhilaration of going to new places you’ve never been.

Erik has significant experience coaching athletes, entrepreneurs, creatives, and missional leaders to expand their thinking, develop their inner life, overcome setbacks, deepen their connection with God, and mature emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.


Curious about going on a journey with Erik? 


Is Erik the right fit for you?

Coaching is a special type of relationship that needs to just “click”. If you fit into one or more of the following categories, you should probably at least start the conversation with Erik.

You desire to grow as a leader.

You desire a closer, more vibrant relationship with Jesus.

You long to become more fascinated and aware of your unique part in God’s bigger story in the world.

You're hungry to become more fruitful in ministry.

Having someone help you stay motivated toward reaching your goals would be a huge support.

You are looking for real-time guidance in specific ministry situations.

Coaching relationships are perfect for:

Campus ministers

Bivocational ministry leaders

Post-Christian ministry workers

Church planters

Apostolic leaders

Daring creatives who want to try something new with Jesus

Erik’s insights and mentoring are amazing gifts for redirecting and re-energizing people to live out the calling of the Great Commission by teaching the simplicity of Jesus’ calling to go and make disciples.

— Chris Reeves, Reboot Combat Recovery

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