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“DiscipleX was easy to understand, simple, and practical. I will be going into high schools in Los Angeles and put my time and effort into making disciples and reproduce this model!”

– Allan Giglio, One Voice Student Ministries


Erik Fish lives what he teaches! Erik is a highly respected voice in the body of Christ calling us to multiplication of the kingdom from a place of sincerity, authenticity, and love. He holds the line on Biblical truths and yet calls us to think outside the box to reach the millions! 

— Andy Byrd, YWAM Kona, Co-Founder, Fire and Fragrance, Circuit Riders

“I loved the simplicity of this disciple making tool. It helped me overcome my fears. I decided to go and start making disciples who will make other disciples!”

– Robyn O’Connell, Indianapolis


“I now realize discipleship really is the key to viral movements of God. It’s the model of Jesus! The DiscipleX training is super simple and practical. ANYONE could do this.”

– Jennifer Pommer


“DiscipleX helped my small group feel like discipleship is actually possible, and not super difficult and a distant weird thing to do. Now it’s something that feels like second nature and really natural. We’re going out to create more discipleship groups. DiscipleX was awesome!

— Mia, Kona, HI


“I loved the simplicity of this training. It’s structured, but not like a robot. I decided to be intentional with the people God has in my life who aren’t saved.”

– Nolan Wright, Auburn, CA 

“DiscipleX was simple, easy, reproducible, effective, and fun! It has helped me realize how doable discipleship really is.”

– Matt Dupea, Tacoma, WA


“DiscipleX was so simple and helpful. I feel like I can actually make my dream of discipling happen and not have to wait till I’m older and more experienced.”

–Christy Gonzalez, Kansas City, MO


“DiscipleX was so simple! It gave us a step-by-step process we can learn quickly and teach others easily.”

– Anonymous, Turkey


“Making disciples is much more simple than it’s been made out to be. I decided to be proactive at my university to interact with those who haven’t encountered God’s love and invite them into the 7 experiences with Jesus!”

– Matt, San Diego

“DiscipleX helped me as someone who needed to become a disciple.”

– Emily


“I realize now that I am a disciple maker and I can lead others through the seven discipleship experiences.”

– Hulda, Reykjavik, Iceland


“With all of the books I’ve read and all of the people I’ve had the chance to meet from around the world—powerful people who are CPM and DMM trainers — the Pocket Disciple is the easiest tool I have to transfer that information to another person to go do. I can lead someone in ten minutes through a demonstration of how to use the Pocket Disciple, then send them off with a new Christian who can begin to experience the basic experiences with Christ. It’s a powerful tool for me and all those I’ve trained.”      

– Randy Conger, Lead Pastor, Solomon’s Porch Ministries, Portland, OR

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