“What Happens at DiscipleX?”

DiscipleX is a one-day disciple multiplication training.

During DiscipleX you will…

  • Catch the vision for creating disciple making movements
  • Brainstorm ways to GATHER  groups together
  • Learn to lead fun, interactive Bible discussions 
  • Gain skills to GUIDE people through seven experiences with Jesus
  • Create a 4-Rhythm discipling plan unique to your culture

The training is fun, interactive, and SIMPLE to implement in real life.

DiscipleX will equip you to develop four essential rhythms:

 4 rhythms of movements

  1. Pray — Connecting with Jesus. Praying for those who don’t yet follow Him.

  2. Go – Meet People. Start spiritual conversations.

  3. Gather – Host an interactive group to discuss stories about Jesus

  4. Guide – Lead the group through Seven Experiences with Jesus.

Each hour of DiscipleX has three sections:

  • Exhortation/Inspiration
  • Modeling an experience in a small group
  • Debriefing the experience with Q and A

At the end of DiscipleX, you will make a personalized, creative plan for making disciples. 


You can do it.  My team and I are here to help!


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