Disciple book (2 copies)

Disciple book (2 copies)

Disciple is not a book to passively read – it’s an experiential power tool to facilitate real-life discipling relationships with intentionality. If you want to deepen your own walk with Jesus or simply need a tool for making disciples within your church or ministry, Disciple will help you make maximum impact for the kingdom of God.

Sold in sets of two. One for you, one for a friend!

(English Version)

NEW Pocket Disciple (pack of 10)

NEW Pocket Disciple (pack of 10)

[pocket] Disciple will help you multiply disciples.

It's easy to use.

(And it literally fits in your pocket.)

Anyone can make disciples by leading others through seven biblically-based experiences with Jesus. These disciples can then lead others through the same seven experiences. When multiple generations of disciples make disciples, you have a movement!

What makes [pocket] Disciple unique?  It builds on relationships and interaction. It's one of the most effective and simple discipleship multiplication tools you'll find.

Use it one-on-one or with a small group of friends … and watch what happens!

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