NEW Pocket Disciple (pack of 10)


[pocket] Disciple will help you multiply disciples.

It's easy to use.

(And it literally fits in your pocket.)

Anyone can make disciples by leading others through seven biblically-based experiences with Jesus. These disciples can then lead others through the same seven experiences. When multiple generations of disciples make disciples, you have a movement!

What makes [pocket] Disciple unique?  It builds on relationships and interaction. It's one of the most effective and simple discipleship multiplication tools you'll find.

Use it one-on-one or with a small group of friends … and watch what happens!

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“Look inside [pocket] Disciple” 



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[pocket] Disciple can transform your ministry into a multiplying movement of disciple-making groups.

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“Look Inside [pocket] Disciple” 


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  1. Meghan Strickland

    I have used Erik’s full “Disciple” workbook several times with friends or family who have chosen to follow Jesus. I saw a lot of fruit in friend’s lives from this book. After reading through the “Pocket Disciple”, I am sure that this simple version will be just as impactful! This book makes it so easy and simple for anyone to teach a friend or group of friends the basic fundamentals of what it looks like to follow Jesus. If you feel like you don’t know where to start when discipling, this book is a great tool and serves as a great guide. In my experience, it can be overwhelming and out-of-place to go through an intensive bible study-type curriculum with someone who is just learning what it means to follow Jesus. A guide like “Pocket Disciple” is simple and powerful. Erik uses simple language and has clear action steps for the reader to take which makes it practical, not just head knowledge. I recommend this guide!

  2. George Patterson

    My only regret while reading [pocket] Disciple was that I’d not seen it a half a century earlier! Erik does a superb job adapting to today’s emerging culture, without compromising eternal truth or losing focus on Christ.

  3. Jim Crothers (verified owner)

    Last evening I met with a friend @ Starbucks. We are using the Pocket Disciple book. As we were reading the book together and the truth of what he was reading began sinking in. He asked me … so can I have another chance … and I said yes you do! With tears in his eyes he said … that’s what I want to do. A few minutes later we prayed the prayer and he invited Jesus into his heart. I encouraged him to tell a friend – he said he would and bring him next week when we meet again!

  4. Allan Giglio

    The Pocket Disciple Book has helped me be intentional and focused when teaching high school students to follow Jesus. It is a great resource and keeps me from going all over the place. It is really simple to use, which has reminded me of the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus. I’ve been using Pocket Disciple and we just had our first group of kids get baptized. They shared their experience in front of the entire Christian club of more than 400 High school students. It was amazing!!

  5. Maria Crosby

    We started a student led youth ministry a couple years ago in Monument, Colorado. We took several of these youth on a missions trip this summer to Baja, Mexico, with our missions organization Fuel International. When we returned, we wanted the youth to continue outreach here in the Tri-Lakes/Colorado Springs region. Every Monday night, we meet with 12-15 Core Youth/College age. We have been using the Pocket Disciple booklet on Mondays nights the last couple of months. The youth/college students have been using the booklet to share Jesus with their friends throughout the week. Then on Saturday nights, we have 35-40 youth and college students coming out for the Underground, our youth and college service. The Core are taking these young people through the Pocket Disciple book in small groups during the Saturday night service. It’s been a great format for the youth to use as a guideline with their friends. Not only have we used this booklet with the youth, but we have been going through each “experience” during our Sunday morning services. We are a new church plant of about 100 people. Since going through this booklet, we have water baptized 24 people in our church and seen about 20 people receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Our adult Fuel Core Leaders have also experienced renewal, and the Holy Spirit is beginning to have more freedom to move in our services as well as in spiritual conversations with our members in the community. Erik and the Pocket Disciple booklet has been a God send!

  6. Randy Conger

    “With all of the books I’ve read and all of the people I’ve had the chance to meet from around the world—powerful people who are CPM and DMM trainers — the Pocket Disciple is the easiest tool I have to transfer that information to another person to go do. I can lead someone in ten minutes through a demonstration of how to use the Pocket Disciple, then send them off with a new Christian who can begin to experience the basic experiences with Christ. It’s a powerful tool for me and all those I’ve trained.” – Randy Conger, Lead Pastor, Solomon’s Porch Ministries, Portland, OR

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