The DiscipleX Training Experience

Adventure with Jesus to new places and people

 Jesus wants his message heard and understood everywhere. Many people in the world, including those living in once “Christian” nations, have never heard it or seen it lived out in a way they can understand. Probably people you see everyday.

The thing is, evangelism has a negative connotation in many places. Even among Christians.

Guilt. Pressure. Eloquent arguments. Bringing sinners to a large evangelism crusade.

Frankly, a lot of what we’ve learned about how to practice evangelism is flawed – it doesn’t look like how Jesus and his disciples modeled evangelism at all.

Effective evangelism involves connecting with people and communicating the message of God’s kingdom the way Jesus did. It’s creating connections with a purpose. Jesus’ purpose. Filled with his power and love.

Nothing sinister. Nothing to sell.

The message is Jesus; you are the relational carrier of the message.

Develop practical skills to create Jesus-centered relationships and conversations with others that bring joy, freedom, and multiplication. Making disciples can become one of the most fun and purposeful adventures of your life. And it’s so much more simple than you think!

Want Erik to take your community or small group through DiscipleX?

This e-course gives you the essentials of the DiscipleX training

DiscipleX is a Live or Virtual Training

DiscipleX is a transformational training experience where you will learn practical skills to form discipling relationships. Through storytelling, Biblical teaching, personal ministry, discussion, and practice, participants will discover afresh the permission and authority Jesus gives us to create disciples.

1 day interactive experience. (6-8 hours). Online training can be spaced out over four weeks.

Group sizes from 8-30 people (but have trained groups as large as 300).

Time is divided between teaching, interactive small group exercises, personal reflection & ministry, and discussion.

Experience is led by Erik Fish and his ministry partners.

Content is tailored to the group and sensitive to the Spirit.

For ages 15-150.

This experience is perfect for:

"Normal" believers who want to impact others with the Gospel.

Those wanting to reach people who would never walk into a church.

Innovators, pioneers, and those discontent with doing “church as usual.”

Christians who want to become more "missional".

Churches that want to expand ministry beyond the building.

People wanting to develop practical, simple skills for evangelism and disciple making.

Over the years we’ve tried to crack the code for what it looks like to disciple kids in high schools. Erik breaks things down so simply. Through his training, we’ve been able to take groups of hundreds of kids and start discipling them personally. I personally recommend and endorse Erik and the tools God has given him for the body of Christ to make disciples!”

— Brian Barcelona, Founder One Voice Student Mission

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