25 Disciple books (English)

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In coffee shops, college dorm rooms, churches, and workplace settings, Disciple is laying the foundation for a new movement of disciples and disciple makers.

Disciple is not a book to passively read – it’s an experiential power tool to facilitate real-life discipling relationships with intentionality. If you want to deepen your walk with Jesus, make other disciples, or simply need a tool for making disciples within your church or ministry, Disciple will help you make maximum impact for the kingdom of God.

What People Are Saying About Disciple:
“This book is changing my life.” – Michael, college student

Disciple is the most practical tool for raising up Christ-centered followers of Jesus I have ever seen. This user-friendly guide facilitates the growth of real discipling relationships that make it natural for people to grow as disciples and become disciple makers. I personally use this resource, have given it to those closest to me, and am honored to recommend it to you now.”
— Brad McKoy, SCPx National Elder and Team Leader, Antioch Overflow Experiment


  1. In the Beginning
  2. New Beginnings
  3. Baptism in Water and Holy Spirit
  4. God the Good Dad
  5. Being a Disciple
  6. Spending Time with God
  7. Love and Forgiveness
  8. Sexual Revolution
  9. Gathering with Other Disciples
  10. Make New Disciples
  11. Healing, Signs, and Wonders
  12. God’s Global Plan


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