Discover simple ways YOU can create gospel movements, right where you live, work, or play! 

I’m Erik

I love creating friendships where history, culture, and tradition have built walls of separation.  I want to help you discover how your story can intersect with the person of Jesus.

I create tools to help people experience the Jesus Way together…


My Disciple book helps people engage in DEEP conversations about what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus today. It’s 12 chapters long, so be prepared to dive into some really meaningful discussions.

Pocket Disciple

Pocket Disciple guides people through seven meaningful experiences with Jesus. These gatherings usually happen at dinner tables, coffee shops, or pubs, but sometimes in church buildings, too. It’s used around the world in about 10 languages now. If you’re a “missiology nerd”, it’s basically a disciple multiplication movement tool for dummies. (It’s pretty much just a creative plagiarization of some of Jesus’ words in the Bible, so it works pretty well.)

I host live training seminars

To equip Christians to relate more effectively with people who don’t yet follow Jesus.

To teach older Christians how to connect with and mentor the millennial generation

To spark disciple multiplication movements. The way of Jesus can spread like dandelions, reproducing in mind-boggling ways and popping up in the most unlikely of places.

Grab a coffee and read a few of my recent articles.

American Reformation Podcast

American Reformation Podcast

Imagine a third generation conservative Lutheran pastor and an edgy, outside-the-box missional leader sitting down each week to engage in lively discussions about what it means to be the Church of Jesus and engage in His mission for Post-Christendom America

Jesus and LGBTQ+ Conversations

Jesus and LGBTQ+ Conversations

My son and I sat overlooking the waterfall with our friend, also a follower of Jesus, reveling in the beauty of this hidden Oregon gem of a place. Young...

Erik Fish lives what he teaches! Erik is a highly respected voice in the body of Christ calling us to multiplication of the kingdom from a place of sincerity, authenticity, and love. He holds the line on Biblical truths and yet calls us to think outside the box to reach the millions!

— Andy Byrd, YWAM Kona, Co-Founder, Fire and Fragrance, Circuit Riders