Erik Fish

If you believe…

The story of Jesus is true.
Relationships matter.
Every believer can influence their world …

You can multiply movements.


I’m Erik

I make friends around the world. I listen to people’s stories and help them discover how Jesus connects with their journey.

I created some tools to help people experience the Jesus Way together…


My Disciple book helps people engage in DEEP conversations about what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus today. It’s 12 chapters long, so be prepared to dive into some really meaningful discussions.

Pocket Disciple

Pocket Disciple guides people through seven meaningful experiences with Jesus. These gatherings usually happen at dinner tables, coffee shops, or pubs, but sometimes in church buildings, too. It’s used around the world in about 10 languages now. If you’re a “missiology nerd”, it’s basically a disciple multiplication movement tool for dummies. (It’s pretty much just a creative plagiarization of some of Jesus’ words in the Bible, so it works pretty well.)

I pop into conferences and studios once in a while…

I host live training seminars


To equip Christians to relate more effectively with people who don’t yet follow Jesus.


To teach older Christians how to connect with the millennial generation to become mentors and spiritual parents.


To spark disciple multiplication movements. The way of Jesus can spread like dandelions, reproducing in mind-boggling ways and popping up in the most unlikely of places.

The seminars are awesome, but the way of Jesus is much more mysterious and grand than any one seminar can contain. The concept of “micro churches” became pretty important in my journey. They’re kind of a starting place for new churches. They’re also a way for existing churches to seed new movements. I’ve seen micro church movements develop in the most unexpected places…

I write a bit, too. Grab a coffee and read a few articles below.

A Jesus Lifestyle, part Two

A Jesus Lifestyle, part Two

It's so much fun to discover how good the "Good News" really is and be involved in the mission of God, no matter who you are; no matter your personality; no matter your spiritual gifting. We can bring Jesus with us anywhere. We all get to play in this great redemptive...

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DeMystifying Evangelism

DeMystifying Evangelism

Did you ever notice that Jesus was a great conversation starter? He taught people in the course of everyday life about the kingdom of God, using terms and images they could relate to: He spoke with farmers about seeds. He talked with shepherds about animals. He...

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A Jesus Lifestyle Part One

A Jesus Lifestyle Part One

After hearing The Starbucks Prophet podcast series, I emailed Bob Fraser a question. Seven years prior, while ordering coffee at Starbucks, a barista prophesied over me and my wife, confirming a transition that would change our lives. Could this have been the...

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