The Equipping Center

These are the primary ways I equip and encourage people. Learn more below and start a conversation!

The Fish Blog

Stories, videos, podcasts, and more covering topics like discipleship, multiplication, theology, and occasionally bragging on my kids.

Erik’s Books

My Disciple and Pocket Disciple books help you make disciples in everyday life.

Online Classes

These trainings will help you absorb and implement the values God has instilled in me to equip others to live a life centered on following Jesus. Interact with me via Zoom when you enroll in certain classes here.


Want Erik to take your community or small group through DiscipleX? Develop practical skills to create Jesus-centered relationships and conversations with others that bring joy, freedom, and multiplication. Making disciples can become one of the most fun and purposeful adventures of your life. And it’s so much more simple than you think!


Erik has significant experience coaching athletes, entrepreneurs, creatives, and missional leaders to expand their thinking, develop their inner life, overcome setbacks, deepen their connection with God, and mature emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.


American Reformation Podcast

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