Online Courses

There are a few ideas and practices that have become a core part of who I am over the years. They are part of the gift I believe God has given me to share with the worl. I’ve packed these up into online courses to be as easy and impactfal for you to interact with. There’s a mixture of video, written, and audio content for each course prayerfully designed to equip you at a deeper level in these areas. 

Simple Church

Erik has started hundreds of simple churches in homes, coffee shops, university campuses, and Native America reservations around the world. In this four-part video course Erik teaches about the practical side of starting and running a simple church with the goal of equipping normal followers of Jesus to start simple church expressions.

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The Disciple Course

The Disciple Course is a four-part video course where Erik teaches through four big ideas around discipleship and disciple-making. It's practical, relatable, and will encourage and equip all kinds of Christians to being making disciples in their normal everyday lives.

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