American Reformation Podcast
April 11, 2022

It’s been a long time coming…

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new podcast. Every week myself and my good friend Tim Ahlman in partnership with Unite Leadership Collective explore themes related to seeing new movements of the gospel spread across the American Post-Christendom context.

Imagine a third generation conservative Lutheran pastor and an edgy, outside-the-box missional leader sitting down each week to engage in lively discussions about what it means to be the Church of Jesus and engage in His mission effectively in America.

Though our church backgrounds are extraordinarily different, we are good friends. And we are united around this: We want everyone to have the chance to experience the reality of Jesus for themselves.

We believe the American church needs reformation. To go forward we must go back. Our podcast explores the theology and practices of the early church and other eras of discipleship multiplication and applies those learnings to our post-Christian/secular American culture.


  1. Leo Lawson

    Having listened to Episode 1, there is an intrigue for where this journey in discipleship movements will pursue in exploration of Jesus’ way of making movements and the messes that adjoin them. I’m a subscriber, do it if you dare!

  2. Bob Fish

    I enjoyed listening to Episode 1. I look forward to hearing and pondering your thoughts in future episodes. I really liked the point you made near the end of Episode 1 – that many times, people place so much emphasis on the doctrinal aspects of the Bible, even to the extent that it borders on worship of the Bible, that they “miss the mark” by forgetting that it is Jesus whom we need to follow, have faith in and worship. Keep up your faithful discipleship and communication of truth.


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