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Why Did You Start Student CPX?

Why Did You Start Student CPX?

Recently, I was asked by a journalist, " What inspired you to start Student CPx and why did it begin at Haskell Indian Nations University?" Here was my response: "I was inspired to start Student CPx in 2008 for a few reasons.   One, I find that the best people to...

“Silly Christians” and Seeds for the Gospel

“Silly Christians” and Seeds for the Gospel

“Silly Christians,” Joe says with a smirk…

An hour later, we see Joe again on campus. I’m filled with faith for this guy.

“Hey, man,” I say as I point my finger at him. “God’s got a great destiny for your life if you’ll stop running from him.”

He smirks at me and walks away. Yes, I feel powerful and mighty.

Twenty feet later, he suddenly stops in his tracks.

Sponges, Organizations, and The Kingdom of God

“I know God is moving this direction. I just don’t know how our organization can change. I feel stuck and I don’t know how to respond to what we sense God saying to us.”

Over the last few years, I have heard this multiple times from ministry leaders. From local church pastors to international campus ministry leaders, the same symptom seems to affect all of us – sometimes our organizations collide with the kingdom of God.

Movement or Spiritual Family?

“The Lord sets the solitary in families.” Psalm 68:6 Q: Lots of multiplication and reproduction. What do you call that? A: The answer is two-fold. You can call it a movement or you can call it a growing family. When lots of kids are born – it’s a great thing. However,...

When Students Travel For Jesus

You and your two friends walk on to a campus. You’re nervous. You’ve never been here before. You just drove overnight to get to a new campus you felt God putting on your heart. You pray for God to lead you, but you don’t sense anything yet. After you pray again, you...

Traveling Teams

"GO" are the first two letters of God's name! Since the beginning of history, God's purposes for the earth have been spread through traveling teams. Abraham, Jonah, Isaiah, the apostles, the 72 others, Paul and Barnabus... oh yeah, and Jesus. They all traveled on...