Native Americans

Bryan & Sierra

My recent visit to Bryan and Sierra in Montana left me misty-eyed and in awe.

They gave me permission to share their story.

Keep reading — you’ll be amazed what happens at the end.

“Silly Christians” and Seeds for the Gospel

“Silly Christians” and Seeds for the Gospel

“Silly Christians,” Joe says with a smirk…

An hour later, we see Joe again on campus. I’m filled with faith for this guy.

“Hey, man,” I say as I point my finger at him. “God’s got a great destiny for your life if you’ll stop running from him.”

He smirks at me and walks away. Yes, I feel powerful and mighty.

Twenty feet later, he suddenly stops in his tracks.

Keeping Control

Keeping Control An entire Native American family heard the gospel today as a student in their family was baptized. Brothers, parents, aunts, and friends. But it wouldn't have happened if I'd had my way with things. Let me explain. One of the most difficult things...

Building Bridges; Untying Knots

Sometimes everyday events in our lives have prophetic significance - divine lessons to be mined when we take a moment to step back and ponder. Today I built a bridge with a Native American friend, John* (not his real name). Literally, we built a bridge. There is a...