DiscipleX: Everyone can become a disciple maker

Testimony from Mia, a recent DiscipleX grad.


Only 1 percent of U.S. church leaders say “Today’s churches are doing very well at discipling new and young believers.”

(source: Barna Group, “New Research on the State of Discipleship” Dec 1, 2015)


The body of Christ is the most powerful agency for transformation in the world. But many of us get hung up without a simple way to follow up new believers and start making disciples.


DiscipleX is like a “jump start” for disciple multiplication.


Launched in 2014, DiscipleX equips people to develop four simple rhythms:

4 rhythms of movements

These four rhythms undergird every spiritual awakening in history.

DiscipleX is not a conference. 

It’s an interactive training experience.

It’s SUPER practical.

You can use the tools you’ll learn right away!


At DiscipleX you will…

  • Catch the vision for creating disciple making movements
  • Brainstorm ways to GATHER  groups together
  • Learn to lead fun, interactive Bible discussions 
  • Gain skills to GUIDE people through seven experiences with Jesus
  • Create a 4-Rhythm discipling plan unique to your style

With the Holy Spirit’s help, you can do it! 


“What Happens at DiscipleX?”


What People are Saying about DiscipleX




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