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PD 2 Water pic

Water. It’s the essence of life. Jesus often chose symbols to lead us toward personal transformation and a life-altering relationship with God. It’s no accident that Jesus commanded us to utilize the medium of water to demonstrate the eternal truth of what happens when someone is born again. It’s a symbol. No, it’s more than […]

Changing A Baptism Policy That Stinks

Michael gets baptized by his sister, Meghan, at UT

When Jesus’ disciples began to try to limit people from following Jesus’ example, He emphatically corrected them. This temptation has hindered the church for 2,000 years whenever it rears it’s ugly head. If Jesus told his disciples not to stop others outside their group from casting out demons, representing His name, why should we try […]

Keeping Control

Keeping Control An entire Native American family heard the gospel today as a student in their family was baptized. Brothers, parents, aunts, and friends. But it wouldn’t have happened if I’d had my way with things. Let me explain. One of the most difficult things about moving from an organizational mindset (focused on how to […]