Story from a Student Church at Haskell
September 30, 2009

Last week, my father in law and I took my 7 year old son Ethan on a wilderness camping and fly fishing trip in the Colorado mountains. It was a challenge for me personally, because I saw so many pressing ministry needs happening at Haskell University, a Native American college where we have been mentoring student church planters for the last year. The needs of our young student leaders seemed really great. At the same time, this seemed like a really critical time in my son’s life, where some time away with dad was really important. It was a key marker in my life to realize this,

“If we love our wives and family as Jesus loved the church, Jesus will show us that He is truly the one who builds His church.”


Among our numerous adventures, we survived the steering going out on our truck and almost driving off the mountain. We caught trout. We photographed elk, antelope, and mule deer.

We had a powerful time together.

And the student churches grew more while I was away then they had the entire semester.

Here is one story that happened while we were away, as told by Jessie, a student church planter who has been living with us the last several months:


Yeah!!! Haskell student enters into the Kingdom!

So two nights ago Robert and I were in OK Hall in our endeavors to have simple church. We were randomly inviting people. One student returned from football practice and replied as he passed, “Is this a church thing? God knows I need it!” He returned and we proceeded to talk to him afterwards. This guy has had dreams. He described one,

“There was a fire and my people were dancing around it in a circle. Out of this group of people one figure stood out. There was Satan amongst them pointing his finger mocking and laughing at them. They couldn’t see him, but I could. He turned and looked right at me.”

 He’s always felt like a protector. So I get to share with him what his people need protected from and why Satan was laughing in his dream. We talked about Jesus and why Jesus is so important in the equation and how it is only through him that we can be delivered from the grasp of Satan and sin. By the end of the night he repented, named people he had to ask forgiveness from and prayed and committed to serving Jesus!

I laugh in how God had called him and spoke to him and how minimal my end really was in just connecting the dots in his life. I wonder how many people are in that same spot where one conversation is all they need. So many people could be so close!
So this kid, your now brother, is so excited about fighting. I laugh in telling him that it is not flesh and blood that we fight. He is so eager to be trained in spiritual warfare. In telling him about the Holy Spirit and healing ect, he was like, “Wow! That is a lot of power!” As Robert and I were sitting outside talking with him about all these questions he had that I thought may have been too much for someone who just got saved, a student walks by saying hello. This new follower of Jesus says, “I wonder if he needs Jesus. I should have asked him, huh? Should I chase after him?”
I think I could afford to be just a little bit more like him.
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  1. Thomas Day

    Hey Erik,
    Great story! Thanks for the encouragement. And the parallel of family and ministry was something I needed to hear. Bless you bro!


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