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Bear was a freshman at Haskell University. He didn’t know what he was getting into when Priscilla, Lauren, and Kelly befriended him during a Student CPx on his campus. “I see your brother in a wheelchair and your mom taking care of him.” It was a word of knowledge that was spot-on. Three weeks later, Bear would find himself in jail. At rock-bottom, Jesus entered his jail cell. Two years later, salvations, baptisms, healings, and new communities of student churches are beginning to happen around Bear at Haskell University.

Watch the rest of Bear’s Story here.

You will be encouraged!

Below is a picture of Bear praying to begin following Christ with a group of students at Student CPx in 2008.

Bear praying with students at a Student CPx '08

Jesus is walking with students who are seeking for the kingdom to come to their campuses! The StudentChurch.org team is working to highlight these stories to bring encouragement to student churches and mobilizers around the world.

Jesus is doing a mighty work in our day. Be encouraged by these testimonies!

When Jesus walked on earth, He set an example for us to follow by leading His disciples to regularly hang out with and demonstrate His kingdom with sinners. When the religious leaders of His day criticized Him, he said, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor; sick people do!” (Luke 5:31)

God’s power is often shown when you step out to love those who seem farthest from walking with God. This seems to be a theme this year as students are experiencing miracles as they become brave enough to love people like Bear.

Stories of students meeting Jesus after being in jail seems to be a thread this year. Here’s one more!

Michael was bound in a life of drugs, atheism, and addiction since he was 15. During his first semester at the University of Texas, things only seemed to be getting worse.

This is Michael getting baptized. Watch the video of Michael and his sister tell the rest of their incredible story (Click Here). It’s a story of dreams, prophetic words, salvation, healings, and miracles. You will be encouraged!

When ordinary students pick up the baton to spread the gospel, lives are changed!

And it’s not just for students – YOU have the power of the gospel living in you. Who in your life do you know who needs to hear of Jesus’ love for them this week?

Please take a minute and pray for Bear and Michael. Pray also that the gospel would continue to spread at UT, Haskell and universities around the world. This is just one story of many from students across the States who are going on mission with Jesus to their university!

Keep loving Jesus, loving each other, and loving the lost on your campus!

Reach the world for Jesus,

Erik Fish

p.s. Do you have a video testimony of God moving powerfully to change lives on your campus? Upload stories, baptism videos, and other encouragement to the StudentChurch.org homepage and encourage others to seek God’s kingdom to come to their campus!


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