Crazy Things Happen at a Student CPx
April 18, 2011

Crazy things happen at a Student CPx.

People learn they are more powerful in Jesus than they ever knew.

People encounter God in prayer.

Sick people get healed. Hearts get healed.

People are freed to dream with God…and go try.

Demons get cast out.

Lost people meet Jesus.

Students learn to plant simple churches that can multiply on their campus… and anywhere in the world.

Student CPx is coming to multiple cities in the U.S. this summer. Invest a week of your life in a missional adventure you will never forget … and take the movement back to your campus.

  • Kansas City, MO
  • Youngstown, OH
  • Wilberforce, OH (for HBCU students)
  • Austin, TX
  • Gainesville, FL
  • Corvallis, OR
  • Los Angeles
  • Stillwater, OK
  • And more…

It could be one of the best experiences of your life so far!

Click here for more info and to register!

Below is a description from Meghan Strickland, UT student, about her experience at SCPx.




Why I Love Student CPx

Last August I went through a 10-day training called SCPx, Student Church Planting Experience. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced, and Jesus completely rocked my life during it. If you are college student, I strongly encourage you to look into this training. It is one the best things I ever did.

Why I love SCPx?

  1. SCPx is a hands-on training, not a conference.– I have been to many conferences. It seems that most end with a sore butt from sitting for 3 days straight and a headache from the information overload. Consumption, not always followed by action. At SCPx, you experience interactive teaching every morning and then immediately you are “sent out” into the city or campus to apply it that day! Fruit is seen instantly. No better way to learn than to trust the Holy Spirit and get your hands dirty.
  2. SCPx feels like family– Usually anywhere from 15-40 students go through SCPx. It is not large scale. You can imagine the deep relationships that are formed over 10 days of living, eating, praying, and loving people together. The SCPx I attended last year in Austin birthed a community that has felt more like family as we have continued to live out church over the past year. I have never felt closer to the church in Acts.
  3. SCPx is not just about the campus, but the nations.– After SCPx, I saw disciples made, new believers, baptisms, simple church lived out, and signs and wonders on the UT campus. But God also broke my heart deeply for the nations. Because of the church planting training I received at SCPx, I felt equipped and empowered to go to South Asia last January.  Now, some of the other SCPx “grads” returned there this year to do a SCPx among 41 students from a persecuted, unreached nation.
  4. SCPx fosters an atmosphere of freedom.– God showed His power by healing me physically and setting me free of a life-long battle of allergies and asthma during those 10 days. Also, many bondages and sin struggles I had carried for a year were broken off of me at SCPx. This is because, more than church planting curriculum, SCPx is about knowing how much God loves us and our identity in Him. Then we were freed to love people radically. I have heard many SCPx “grads” say it was as if they received “permission” to live in freedom and walk in radical obedience.
  5. SCPx is a challenge.– This is the disclaimer I give to students interested in SCPx… this training will challenge you. It will challenge you physically. It will stretch you. It will cause you to trust the Holy Spirit in a way you have never done before. It will put you completely out of your comfort zone at times. It will probably challenge your theology at some point. It will confront your ideas of what “church” is. It will wreck you out in all the best ways possible. It will push you closer to Jesus and others. If your experience is anything like mine, it will be the best challenge of your life.

– Meghan Strickland

Go for it! Register for an SCPx today or email Myles ([email protected]) for more info.




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