When Jesus started his ministry, he got into Peter’s boat – his place of business. Movements for God’s kingdom often begin in the marketplace.

I met with a group of entrepreneurs in Indianapolis last week.

A business owner named Bernie approached me with this testimony:

“I sent out a proposal to my entire staff of 30 people, inviting them to go through the Disciple book with me. Out of 30 people, 29 agreed to do it! I then invited them to come in 30 minutes early for work once a week to discuss and pray through what God was showing them. The first week, every single person showed up! I was completely surprised! Our entire staff discussed how God was encountering them through the book and we are now meeting every week.”

Here’s a three minute video I filmed at their workplace:

The marketplace is where people spend 30+ percent of their time. God is raising up business leaders who think strategically in business and mission. This man was discipling his entire business!

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On this same trip, I visited Defender Direct, one of the largest residential security companies in the U.S., started by a good friend of mine, Dave Lindsey. We visited the board of directors. We prayed together in the prayer room they had built right inside the office. He told me a testimony of how over 300 people have come to faith in Christ while working there. Success in business and fruitfulness in God’s mission can complement each other.

Discipleship in the marketplace is on God’s heart.

What creative ways can you bring the message of Jesus in relevant ways to the places you do life?

“Go make disciples, teaching them to obey everything I commanded you…”




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