Lift Each Other Up
October 16, 2013

Jen and I have traveled 12,000 miles with our kids in three months.

Been in 26 states.

We’ve touched the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and made lots of new friends.

The greatest highlight for me?

How my kids have bonded with each other and learned to help each other out. That’s what family is about.

I’ve gotten a Holy Spirit smack reminder that God cares more about our relationships than our accomplishments.
Ministry flows from being.
Ministry flows from relationships.
This journey for me has been a journey of deepening relationships in our marriage, family, and among those we call spiritual family.
Church is a family.
Built on relationships.
First, on a relationship between a bride and her Husband — the Church and Jesus who gave His life for her.
Jesus and His bride are growing a global family of sons and daughters.
As family, we’re to lift each other up.
Therefore encourage one another and lift each other up, as you are already doing.
I Thessalonians 5:11
Who can you encourage and lift up this week?


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