This week, I wanted to share a few family highlights from our travels. After 18 months on the road with our four kids (and our dog), our family recreation times have become MEGA important!

We went skiing in Lake Tahoe over Christmas. It was wonderful! Even Graham (6 yrs) was able to get the hang of skiing and take on some blue runs…

Hudson and Graham

Hudson and Graham

Ethan and Olivia

Ethan and Olivia above the clouds at Heavenly Ski Resort

Ethan and I recently had a “killer” day playing airsoft (they’re like plastic bb guns) at the largest complex in the country…

It was fun, but painful

It was fun, but painful

We finally retired our well-worn road-warrior Honda Odyssey this month. It’s taken us back and forth across America many, many times…

We finally traded in the faithful minivan

We finally traded in the faithful minivan

We’ve now entered the world of the Chevy Suburban. With our extensive travels, we’re thankful for the 4-Wheel drive capability on those mountain passes!


Our kids settle in to their new “home” on the road

How Jen is able to plan and lead our four children’s schooling while on the road absolutely astounds me. (We’ve been in 40 States in the last 18 months). She somehow finds a way to make learning fun no matter where we are – including “story time” in hot tubs!

"Hottub Story Time"

“Hottub Story Time”

We’ve spent the last week in Sacramento. I’m been growing relationships with friends from Jesus Culture, a youth movement focused on raising up next generation revival and worship movements. I’ve been immersed in small, replicable simple church planting efforts for the last 7 years. It’s really interesting connecting with more of a conference-based ministry – but one with a reach to millions of youth across the world.


Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 12.17.53 PM


Teaching in Redding

This week, takes me to Redding, CA to teach at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) with Pastor Michael Brodeur. Michael has pioneered multiple church planting efforts in some of the most difficult places in San Francisco the last several years. I look forward to sharing stories of how God is raising up next generation movements through student church planters.


Reaching Indianapolis

Then it’s a quick few days back in Indianapolis, launching a city-wide disciple multiplication initiative with several groups, including PUB Theology, GroTru, leaders from Young Life, Vineyard church, Defender Direct, Litho Press, and several other friends. This is the first time I’ve attempted a city-wide disciple making movement initiative. I’m working with some phenomenal people, and I’m believing for great fruit!

DiscipleX is an initiative to raise up disciple making movements in 12 US Cities through 2015.

DiscipleX is an initiative to raise up disciple making movements in 12 US Cities through 2015.

Are you within driving distance of Indianapolis? Have friends who are? Bring them to this experience! 

I’m focusing this year on equipping leaders throughout the US to raise up disciple multiplication movements. Our journey continues… Thank you for being part of it!

Keep making disciples – and building fun memories with family and friends. 🙂




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